About Us

Time Transport TruckTime Transport is a family business, originally established in 1997. Our new facility, built in 2012, is located on 20 acres in Racine County. More than 87% of Time Transport’s fleet is now powered by natural gas. Of our 53 units, 46 are CNG-powered. We are working towards 100% conversion by the end of 2017.

Time Transport was able to make our first 15 CNG purchases with the help of several grants made possible through Leonardo Academy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Wisconsin State Energy Office. Wisconsin Clean Cities (WCC) gave visibility to these opportunities and for that we are so appreciative. Through WCC, Time Transport was awarded another grant in 2013 to become a Wisconsin Smart Fleet (WSF). www.smartfleetwi.org

We have had some challenges and a lot of successes with our fleet make-over. We are proud to be part of the “WhyCNG? Movement” and being a Wisconsin Smart Fleet member is ensuring that we continue to advance as a leader in southeastern Wisconsin with regard to Class 8 CNG-powered units.

The WSF program allowed us to assess our current fleet and measure how it was meeting our sustainability goals. Furthermore, it pushed us to plan our future fleet goals. With the help of WSF, we will continue to address the challenges and enjoy the benefits of this fast-moving technology.

We employ 60-65 local drivers, mechanics and office personnel in Racine County. We actively strive to be a contributing member of the community where we work. We are proud of our achievements, including:

Wisconsin Clean Cities Forward Fleet Award December 2017

Earlier this month, Time Transport, Inc. received the Wisconsin Clean Cities Forward Fleet Award in recognition of our use of alternative fuels and sustainable transportation options to reduce petroleum use.

More than 87 percent of our company’s fleet is now powered by compressed natural gas. Of our 53 units, 46 are compressed natural gas-powered. Time Transport strives to have 100 percent of our fleet powered by compressed natural gas by year’s end.

MillerCoors Supplier of the Year

In May, MillerCoors Procurement conducted its 7th Annual Supplier Recognition Awards at its Chicago headquarters. Time Transport, Inc. received the 2016 Regional Logistics & Transportation Supplier of the Year award and was one of 11 award recipients.

The award followed an analysis of metrics of contract transport service with a special emphasis on on-time pick-ups and deliveries. Time Transport, Inc. reported greater than 98 percent on-time service.

“Obviously we all think this is well deserved as the performance and metrics have proven that Time (Transport, Inc.) is the right choice for (the award),” Jake Kilgore, transportation manager for MillerCoors said.

SmartWay High Performers Award 2017

In September of 2017 Time Transport was recognized by the SmartWay Transport Partnership – a collaborative effort with the U.S. EPA and the freight industry to increase energy efficiency while reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution.

Being a High Performer means going above the already high standards set forth for Smartway Partners, and achieving significant shipping and freight efficiencies that merit special attention. To learn more about SmartWay High Performers program visit their High Performers page.

SmartWay Transport Partner

Time Transport was recognized by the U.S. EPA for committing to improve our environmental performance. In 2010, Time Transport voluntarily joined the SmartWay Transport Partnership – a collaborative effort with the U.S. EPA and the freight industry to increase energy efficiency while reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution.

In 2013, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded a SmartWay Excellence Award to Time Transport, recognizing the company as a true industry leader in freight transportation environmental performance. Time was selected for ranking in the best performance range for freight carbon efficiency (grams per-ton mile for CO2).

Wisconsin Clean Cities Member

Time Transport is an active member of the Wisconsin Clean Cities (WCC) coalition, a government-industry partnership sponsored by the U.D. Department of Energy. This umbrella membership allows us to be part of a group that strives for reduced petroleum consumption, clean air, and an improved quality of life.

In 2014, we were the only fleet achieving a 5-star rating in WCC’s inaugural Wisconsin Smart Fleet Program. We maintained our 5-star rating in 2015. This top rating was achieved by our focused efforts on reducing harmful emissions, increasing energy security, and contributing towards a growing economy in Wisconsin.

Time Transport also received the Forward Fleet Award from WCC in both 2014 and 2015 for its annual displacement of petroleum and green house gases.

Lisa Morris, Time Transport’s HR & Safety Director, has served on WCC’s Auxiliary Board since 2014.